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Focus Eye Center has been wonderful! My husband and I went in on Monday for exams and I brought my kids back on Wednesday. My glasses and my son's were both ready today! 4 days for mine, 2 for my son! Fastest I've ever gotten new glasses! The staff is very friendly and helpful and both doctors we saw were very thorough. My husband and I saw Dr. Hammons, who was fantastic and took the time to thoroughly examine us both and explain in detail his concerns with my husband's eyes and what to watch for. I brought my 2 year old and 4 year old in 2 days later and saw Dr. Lofgram. He was amazing with my crazy and uncooperative kids and I was very impressed. He was very sensitive to letting us know my son needed glasses without pushing it, giving me all the options including waiting (didn't push me to buy them at all, but I decided to go ahead anyway so he can get used to them before school next year) and was very easy to talk to. We have had a fantastic experience here and will definitely be back! We have seen a few different doctors in the last few years and have been disappointed with them all. I absolutely recommend Focus Eye Center, especially for small children!

Cynthia G.

Focus Eye Center Customer
I have never had an eye exam before. The thought of having my eyes dilated or having puffs of air shot into my eyes made me nervous and apprehensive, but my actual appointment vs. my anticipated appointment were two completely different things. Dr. Hammons's staff were so nice that, for a moment, I was certain they were buttering me up for some sort of eye exam scam. Instead of a scam, I got upstanding, quality care. The staff (I forget her name, but she was lovely!!) informed me of everything that she was doing and what I should anticipate throughout my visit. There was no need for dilation, and no puffs of air blasted into my eyeballs. Dr. Hammons was kind, easy to talk to and obviously very intelligent. He was thorough and informative throughout the exam and made me feel very at ease.Since I didn't need corrective lenses, I inquired about getting sunglasses. The young lady who assisted me through the appointment spent about 20 minutes afterward picking out sunglasses and then adjusting them for me. She didn't try to upsell me and ended up finding me some discounted frames that were well within my price range. I really can't overstate how great she was throughout my visit.This place obviously doesn't need a 5-star review from me. They've got pages of extremely satisfied customers, but I have to give credit where it's so aptly deserved. Bravo, In-Focus. You guys are the jam!

Stephanie V.

Focus Eye Center Customer
My experience with Focus Eye Center in St. George was outstanding and finding another place like that will be hard to do! I was always treated with kindness by a happy and welcoming staff. They were always professional and over the top accommodating. I was learning to adjust to the progressive lens glasses (which anyone that has these knows there are about 2-3 weeks of challenges in this process) and every member of the staff was so patient with me. I had tried the progressive lens once before at a different eye center with no success - however, thanks to the professionals at Focus Eye Center I have been wearing them successfully for 3 years now and LOVE them! THANK YOU for always making me feel like I was the most important client that you had.

Malea H.

Focus Eye Center Customer

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After attending BYU and Pacific University, Dr. Hammons completed specialized clinical training at The Moran Eye Center, the VA Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah, and at an IHS hospital in northern Idaho, specializing in the treatment of degenerative and diabetic eye diseases. He has extensive experience with patients of all ages in the clinical care of glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic diseases, corneal care and vision disorders related to traumatic brain injuries. At Focus Eye Center, Dr. Lofgran and Dr. Hammons are particularly committed to pediatric eye care, a specialty that makes them unique in southern Utah. Originally from Mesa, Arizona, his wife Jordan and his three children now enjoy living in and exploring the beauty of the St. George, Utah area.

Dr. Lofgran

Dr. Lofgran

After attending Arizona State Univeristy for his bachelors degree, he attended Pacific University for his Doctor of Optometry degree. He completed additional clinical training at The Rio Piedras Hospital in Puerto Rico, specializing in the treatment of diabetic eye diseases and macular degeneration; and at the Wellish Vision Institute specializing in the treatment of glaucoma and corneal care. He has advanced licensure to medically diagnose and treat eye diseases. Dr. Lofgran is particularly committed to pediatric eye care, as well as geriatric eye care. Originally from Mesa, Arizona, he and his wife Megan came to St George to raise their five children (all boys!) in a safe and quiet environment.

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Without our amazing staff Focus Eye Center just couldn't possibly provide the incredible customer service that we're known for. They make up the very foundation that our name is built on, and represent all the love and dedication put into making Focus Eye Center the best eye care experience in Utah. Come and see for yourself why our staff rocks, and of course, don't be afraid to say hi.