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When do I need an eye exam?

When do I need an eye exam?


Did You Know?

The Three Most Common Mistakes made by parents when visiting the optometrist?


Confusing school screenings with eye exams

Parents think because their child’s eyes have been checked in school, they don’t need to see an optometrist. In fact, sometimes screenings actually do more harm than good because they leave many vision problems undetected.

Relying on your child's opinion

Kids that have impaired vision from birth have no idea what normal vision is like, so they don’t know the difference . That’s why it’s important to schedule regular eye exams, even if your child feels they can see just fine.

Not knowing when to get exams

So when should your child have their eye examined by an optometrist? 1, 3, 5 That’s right, before one year of age, at age three, at age five, and then every year as directed by your eye doctor, and at FOCUS Eye Center we dedicate time and care to our pediatric patients.

Many permanent eye and vision problems can be prevented by having a complete eye exam at a qualified eye center that examines children…


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