Hello, I’m Dr. Hammons, an eye doctor who has worked in the optometry field for over two decades. During that time I am proud to carry the label of being the St. George eye doctor that so many have trusted for their eye care needs.
Today, there are many challenges for people to maintain healthy eyes in this ever-changing environment. While some of the eye diseases I’ve seen have been caused by genetic factors, accidents or conditions that could not have been avoided, for the most part the eye diseases that plague so many people come from sources that can be addressed with proper eye care St. George optometrists can deliver.
Proper eye care is more than just correcting your vision. It is providing your body with the right nutrients, getting plenty of rest and exercising caution by protecting your eyes from potential hazards. All too often, I have recognized the effects that prolonged eye strain can have when driving a vehicle, especially at night and in changing environmental conditions.
Causes of Eye Strain While Driving
Our eyes undergo a lot of different stresses during the day which is what they are built to do. However, operating a vehicle raises the level of concentration needed as compared to walking or even riding a bike thanks to the responsibility that driving brings. As an eye doctor, I have seen many patients who have suffered from eye strain brought about by operating a vehicle over a long period of time.
The most obvious is the glare from oncoming headlights at night when our eyes are more receptive to light. However, there is also the added strain from operating a vehicle under less than perfect environmental conditions such as rain, snow, sleet, and fog which limits our visual awareness and requires greater concentration.
Eye strain of this type which is repeated regularly over time combined with other factors increases the chances of eye diseases developing. In turn, the St. George Medicaid system along with other health insurers sees an uptick in new patients who report pain and other symptoms of eye conditions that need to be treated.

However, there is an interesting technological improvement that may bring relief to millions of people in the next decade, the self-driving vehicle.
Impact of Self-Driving Cars on Relieving Eye Strain
Self-driving cars are computer-enhanced, vehicles that do not need a driver to go from Point A to Point B. The future of these vehicles is now as they are currently being tested on the road. The benefits they will bring to your eyecare are considerable.
Lack of Eye Strain: Because the car itself is doing the driving, your eyes no longer have to strain to see oncoming vehicles or obstacles in the road no matter the visual conditions.
Relaxed Condition: The experience of being in a self-driving car is akin to riding in a bus or train where others are doing the driving.  This allows for fuller relaxation and more rest for the eyes that otherwise would be occupied. As your St. George eye doctor, I can tell you the future of your eye health will be substantially improved thanks to self-driving vehicles.